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The Office (US)
Season 1

This is much more enjoyable than the UK version.

Somehow I Manage #1: Put it in Jell-O

I've never watched the American version of The Office because I was concerned about how similar it would be to the UK one. With this new addition to the Tiffany Arment Podcast Universe I decided to give it a go; more for the podcast than the show itself and I'm very glad I did.

The Office (US)
Season 1, Episode 1

This was a strange experience because the script is almost identical to the UK version but I can see how the characters are completely different already.

David Brent: Life on the Road 2016

This is too much Brent in one place.

The Office (UK)
Season 1-2

This is as awkward to watch as ever but I still enjoy it. Two seasons is enough though.