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Jessica Jones: The Pulse

I love JJ so much.

Marvel's Jessica Jones 2019
Season 3

Not the strongest season but I'm still very sad it's over.

Jessica Jones 2017

Lots of great cameos in this and Killgrave returning, even for a little bit, was great.

Volume 4

It's amazing to me that they wrote season 1 of the TV show based only on 1-2 issues of this.

Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1

Having only watched the TV show until now, I didn't know what to expect and was concerned I might be just re-reading the show. Jessica is different to her portrayal in the show, which is to be expected, but I enjoyed it. Cameos from other Marvel characters make this a lot of fun to read and something I wish they could do more in the show.

Jessica Jones 2018
Season 2

Review contains spoilers. Reveal your secrets.

Jessica Jones
Season 1

Jessica Jones and the rest of the cast are some of the most interesting and deep of the MCU. I had to rewatch this before Thursday in preparation for season 2.