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The Lion King 1994
The Imagineering Story 2019
Season 1

That fucking Spider-Man robot, wow.

The Lion King 2019

It's good, but I don't know why it exists. It doesn't add anything and isn't better than the original.

Big Hero 6 2014

I watched this in the A+E waiting room with subtitles so not an ideal experience.

The Lion King 1994
Dumbo 1942

I expected a lot more flying.

Beauty and the Beast 2017
Wreck It Ralph 2012
The Jungle Book 2016

Loved this (once I got past the jarring mix of live action and CGI)

Zootropolis 2016

Pretty good.

Wreck-It Ralph 2012

Really great premise and well executed. Fun.

Big Hero 6 2014
Tarzan 1999
Maleficent 2014
Big Hero 6 2014

Very enjoyable, lots of fun.

Beauty and the Beast 1991