by Robb Knight

A microblog for all the things I've watched, read, and played

Furious 6 2013

This is the sixth one.

Ex Machina 2015

Looks amazing but I still have isues with the story.

Behold the Kickmen

Despite starting as a joke, Behold the Kickmen is a really fun game with a ridiculous story that I actually found myself caring about.

My Scientology Movie 2016

Not his best work.

Top Four #30: Summer Songs

This was a fun episode — I created Spotify playlists for Marco and Tiff's choices:



The Keepers

Interesting, but ultimately leads nowhere.

Big Bang Theory
Season 10
Beauty and the Beast 2017
House of Cards
Season 5
Fast Five 2011

"I am bald and muscly"

"I too am bald and muscly"

"Let's help each other"

The Circle 2017

This is very bad. Complete lack of story and a really shitty ending.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Season 4
Avengers Assemble 2012
Captain America: Winter Soldier 2014
Agents of SHIELD
Season 4

Slow start but gets really good after the first few episodes.

Baby Driver 2017


So F**king Rock Live

Tim Minchin is a genius.

Idiocracy 2006
Orange is the New Black
Season 5
John Wick 2 2017


Prison Break
Season 5

Pretty good but it felt like a supercut of season one and two.


Mostly boring story and constant frame rate drops. Nope.

Season 1-2
Season 2016-2017
  • Flash was on (flash)point as always
  • Mid-season Arrow was unbearable, but overall a decent season
  • Legends of Tomorrow was completely bonkers but interesting the whole season
  • Supergirl still doesn't feel like it fits in the Arrowverse
RED 2010