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Pokémon Sword

This was really good and they nailed the UK vibe (even if it is a bit over-the-top at times).

Wyndon in Pokémon Sword

My final team:


The Last of Us: Left Behind 2014

Left Behind

The Last of Us 2014
Remastered | PS4

I'm about 6 years late but it was so worth it.

Last of Us title card The Last of Us

Get to Know Me: Video Games
One of those Twitter meme things

Favorite female video game character: Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

A game that's so bad but so good: Bishi Bashi Special, PS1

A game that hit an emotional spot in your heart: Gone Home

Favorite game developer or studio: Naughty Dog

Favorite male video game character: Sully, Uncharted

A game that not enough people talk about: Shadow of Memories, PS2

Favorite villain (Be mindful of spoilers): FizzCo, Sunset Overdrive

Favorite game as a kid: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

5 of your favorite video games: See this post

A game or series that you've never been interested in: Smash Bros

A game that never gets old: Mario Kart

A game that everyone should play at least once: Red Dead Redemption

Favorite genre: Single-player story-driven

That game you REALLY should have played by now: Last of Us

Favorite indie game you played recently: Golf Story

Yoshi's Crafted World Demo

This game is delightful. Pre-ordered the full game immediately.

Detroit: Become Human

Damn this was good. Definitely need to play through again and be a bastard this time.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2018
Silver Lining | PS4

I didn't enjoy the last mission, but otherwise a solid DLC chapter.

Sable and Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man 2018
Turf Wars | PS4

This is much harder than the main game and Screwball's stealth missions are really annoying.

Also, the Raimi suit came our while I was playing this chapter.

Raimi suit on the subway

Marvel's Spider-Man 2018
The Heist | PS4

Fuck the guys with miniguns.

Spider-Man and Black Cat

Red Dead Redemption 2


Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!


Red Dead Redemption 2
Main Story

I still don't like the controls, but holy shit do Rockstar know how to make a good story.

Initial Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2
  • I think they used the same cougar sound effect from the first one. When I heard it, I had flashbacks
  • The map is huge, I'll be surprised if I finish this in less than 100 hours
  • The controls for switching weapons, items, and clothing are so confusing
Marvel's Spider-Man 2018

Spider-Man on a flag

This is an incredibly fun game right from the start. The combat is fun and swinging through the city is amazing. The story is legitimately good and leaves it open nicely for a sequel.

When May said she knew all along I audibly gasped.

I'm convinced that if Insomniac hadn't made Sunset Overdrive, this game wouldn't anywhere near as good as it is.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Donkey Kong Adventure | Switch

Not as good as the main game but still pretty enjoyable.

Toad Treasure Tracker

I really enjoyed playing the three demo levels while in handheld but in docked mode, the motion controls are massively annoying; it'll be impossible for me to play like that. I'll still get the game, but it'll be handheld all the way.

Complete Screen

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Main Story | Switch

I wasn't sure if I would like this game that much but it's a lot of fun.

Mario Rabbids



Other contenders:

Golf Story

I didn't actually finish this because I don't have the patience for the last tournament, but I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game.

Golf Story

Life is Strange

Lots of problems with animation and frame rates, but the story and game mechanics are fascinating.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds

An amazing addition to the main game. Hard as hell though.

Super Mario Odyssey
Post-Story | Switch

Mario looking at the earth

There is so much to do after the main story. I'm still annoyed about the required motion controls, but overall I loved this game.

Super Mario Odyssey
Main Story | Switch

Mario Odyssey title screen

This is going head-on against Jak and Daxter as my favourite platformer ever. Everything about this game oozes quality.

Mario in a suit

My only complaint is the requirement of motion controls for some sections of the game. Perhaps someone at Nintendo should have tried to complete the game without using them.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Perfect. My favourite Uncharted game.

Behold the Kickmen

Despite starting as a joke, Behold the Kickmen is a really fun game with a ridiculous story that I actually found myself caring about.